Our data communications division has grown from requests from our customers. They noticed our professional workmanship when installing the data/comm raceway system and asked us to take the installation process all the way. Our dedicated staff accepted the request, obtained the education, training, and certification necessary to install, test, and certify all of today's data/comm systems. After all, "Installing Tomorrow's Technologies Today" is what we do.

Design and Installation
Newbridge, 3COM, and Bay Network switches and hubs.

Implementation and Maintenance of
Long-time circuitry

Multiplexing of voice and data channels over wide-band facilities.

Fiber Optics
Tipping and testing.

Programming and Configuration
LAN and WAN equipment, computer terminal services, CSU/DSU's hubs and switches.

Network Management
Done with Netdirector from Newbridge Optiva, Bay Network.

Installation of 56Kbps or T1 Internet service.

General Maintenance
Troubleshooting and maintenance of local and wide area networks. System moves, additions, or changes.

Emergency Service
24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Call # (302) 326-1700 for after-hours emergency instructions.